Hebron High School Feeder Pattern

Prop A: Aquatic Centers

Maintenance, repairs and renovations at the Eastside and Westside Aquatic Center.

Prop B: Athletics & Recreation Facilities

20-year Maintenance, Repair and Life-Cycle

  • Baseball & Softball facilities
  • Field house (2003)

Baseball & Softball LED field lighting

Field renovations

  • Artificial Turf for Baseball & Softball fields
  • Artificial Turf for 100-Yard Practice Field

    Prop C: Stadiums

    20-Year Maintenance, Repair and Life-Cycle at existing HHS stadium (HHS stadium was built in 2003)

    • Includes scoreboard & track replacements

    Life-cycle lighting replacements to LED

    *Project budgets can fluctuate depending on several factors, including a project is started in a different year than planned which affects built-in estimated inflation; full project scope is more clearly identified through design, unforeseen conditions, etc.; actual inflation differs from projected inflation rates.

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