Hebron 9th Grade Center

Year Built: 2010
Fine Arts

Campus Projects


Fine Arts

Prop A - VATRE

Generates $37,500,000 to sustain competitive pay for staff, and maintain student instructional and extracurricular opportunities and programs of choice.

New Classroom Furniture

Relocated Band Lot

Life Cycle Building Component Replacements

  • Flooring (select areas)


  • 20-Year Maintenance, Repair & Life Cycle
    • Baseball & Softball Facilities
    • Field House
  • Life Cycle Building Component Replacement
    • Softball Backstop Netting
    • Baseball & Softball Field Lighting


  • 20-Year Maintenance, Repair & Life Cycle
  • Scoreboard & Track Replacement
  • New LED lighting

New 100-Yard Indoor Multipurpose Facility

  • Indoor Climate-Controlled Facility for Athletics, Fine Arts and
    other Campus Programs

Fine Arts

  • Box Trucks
  • Music Instrument Replacement


    • Classroom & Network Infrastructure
    • Staff & Student Instructional Devices
    • Enterprise Applications

    Safety & Security Technology

    • Campus Sound
    • Paging
    • Phone systems
    • Video storage
    • Cyber security

    Safety & Security Upgrades

    • Field Event Lighting
    • Secondary Security Vestibule
    • Weapon Detection Scanner
    • Generators & Uninterrupted Power Supply
    • Classroom Door Hardening & Locks
    • Secondary Door Hardening
    • Security Camera Life Cycle Maintenance & Repair
    • Burglar Alarm System Life Cycle Maintenance & Repair
    • HVAC Override Buttons (as needed)
    • Camera Upgrades
    • Additional Keyless Entry
    • Radio System Upgrades


    • Buses
    • Transportation Center Replacement

      Use the botton below to review HHS main campus projects.

      Props B-G

      If voters approve all seven propositions, the LISD tax rate will still be 10.6 cents less than last year. In addition to campus specific projects, Props A-G include projects from the following categories:

      Fine Arts

      Safety & Security

      District Wide

      Fine Arts

      Student Opportunity

      District Wide

      Fine Arts


      District Wide

      Fine Arts


      District Wide

      *Project budgets can fluctuate depending on several factors, including a project is started in a different year than planned which affects built-in estimated inflation; full project scope is more clearly identified through design, unforeseen conditions, etc.; actual inflation differs from projected inflation rates.

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